BBSLEA (deck)

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Deck ID: BBSLea

Deck Name: Lea

Description: Lea

Category: Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Decks

Date Made: 2020-06-27

Date Released: 2020-06-27

Deck Image Name: bbslea

Bbslea01.png Bbslea02.png Bbslea03.png Bbslea04.png Bbslea05.png
Bbslea06.png Bbslea07.png Bbslea08.png Bbslea09.png Bbslea10.png
Bbslea11.png Bbslea12.png Bbslea13.png Bbslea14.png Bbslea15.png
Bbslea16.png Bbslea17.png Bbslea18.png Bbslea19.png Bbslea20.png

Master Badges

Bbslea master.png


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