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Each deck name has two parts, the game its from and the deck name. On character and scene cards, the game is in the top left corner, and the deck name is across the bottom. For Puzzle cards, the game is in the top left corner of card number 1, and the deck name is across the bottom of cards 16 to 20

Unlike most TCG's, Connecting Hearts only has normal cards. Normal cards are broken down into sub categories, Character, Scene and Puzzle

Decks normally have 20 cards. Some normal decks are split across multiple sets, these will usually end in either A,B,C, etc. (i.e. The KH Days Opening Deck consists of KH Days Opening A, KH Days Opening B, KH Days Opening C) As each is a separate deck, you can get multiple mastery rewards. (i.e. The KH Days Opening deck consists of 3 decks, so 3 lots of rewards)

Kh3axel01.png Kh3axel02.png Kh3axel03.png Kh3axel04.png Kh3axel05.png
Kh3axel06.png Kh3axel07.png Kh3axel08.png Kh3axel09.png Kh3axel10.png
Kh3axel11.png Kh3axel12.png Kh3axel13.png Kh3axel14.png Kh3axel15.png
Kh3axel16.png Kh3axel17.png Kh3axel18.png Kh3axel19.png Kh3axel20.png